The Mayor
The Mayor

Tramonti Stefano 

Tramonti Dott. Stefano 



Personnel, Public Safety, Budget

Political group:

Carpenedolo si cambia






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Receiving hours:

Tuesday from 9.30 to 12.30 – Secretary’s Office +39 0309697961 ext. 1, by appointment

His tasks

The Mayor:

  • Oversees the activities of services and offices and the carrying out of proceedings;
  • Appoints the Councillors;
  • Convenes and chairs the Municipal Board;
  • Organizes and coordinates the hours of the commercial businesses;
  • Appoints the managers of the offices and gives them executive positions;
  • Issues the permits for production activities.

He is also a government official as regards the tasks the State delegates to the Municipalities. As a government official, he oversees the keeping of all the registers the Municipality keeps on behalf of the State.

In the municipalities where there is no police station, he is a public safety authority. He carries out surveillance tasks and informs the prefect about everything that may affect security and public order.

He issues the ordinances which are necessary to deal with situations that can be dangerous for public safety and health. During official occasions he wears the tricolour sash with the Municipality’s coat of arms and the green colour near the neck.