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Characteristics of drinking water in the Municipality of Carpenedolo

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Drinking water

  • As regards hygiene, drinking water must meet certain requirements of purity. In fact, it can often be a vehicle of pathogens; in its cycle, it comes into contact with many other elements and especially with the air and the ground.
  • For many infectious diseases, water is a vehicle of transmission of pathogens: typhoid and paratyphoid fevers, cholera, dysentery, amoebiasis, ankylostomiasis etc.
  • Water can transmit infectious agents to humans directly or indirectly via tools or other items that come into contact with it.
  • Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to rigidly check drinking water and to know exactly the organoleptic, physical, chemical and biological properties that distinguish pure water from the polluted one.

Organoleptic properties

Drinking water must be colorless and odorless.

  • It has abnormal colors if it contains iron salts, calcium or manganese, organic substances, vegetal substances etc.
  • It may have sulphureted odors, that may be caused by decaying substances, or may result from the rocks crossed by water.
  • The taste is variously altered by different chemicals. Magnesium sulfate or chloride gives a bitter taste, iron salts give an astringent or metallic taste, calcium salts an earthy flavor and alkaline salts a salty taste.

Physical properties

The most common physical parameters are temperature and electrical conductivity.

  • Water shall have a temperature of 12° C and not exceed 25° C.
  • Electrical conductivity expresses the quantity of mineral salts in the water. The recommended value is 2500 µ ¹ Scm (unit: micro-Siemens per centimeter) at 20° C.
  • For deep water it is important that these two parameters are constant: if they suffer sudden and significant variations, this means that there has been infiltration of surface water.

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